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Bobal – Red

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From the Levante region (eastern Spain). Preferred variety in PDOs Utiel-Requena,
Manchuela, Riber del Júcar and Valencia. Small and compact clusters. Medium-late
ripening. It produces dense and complex wines with aromas of black fruit and flowers. It is potent and balanced on the palate.

Also called: Aprovechón, Requena, Moravia.

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Present in a good part of the wine regions of Extremadura. It is one of the most abundant in the region of Cañamero., this variety has extended throughout different regions of Spain. It is highly fertile and ripens early. It is ideal for naturally balancing the acidity found in other varieties. Young wines are crisp and pale yellow with aromatic notes of apple and pear. #SpanishGrapes #KnowYourWine #Wine #ALARIJE #Blanca

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D.O.Ca. Rioja (Wine Region)

Rioja wine is made from grapes grown in the autonomous communities of La Rioja and Navarre, and the Basque province of Álava. Rioja wines are normally a blend of various grape varieties, and can be either red (tinto), white (blanco) or rosé (rosado). La Rioja has a total of 57,000 hectares cultivated, yielding 250 million litres of wine annually, of which 85% is red. The harvest time for most Rioja vineyards is September–October with the northern Rioja Alta having the latest harvest in late October.…

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